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How Important Should B2B Ecommerce Platform Be to Your Australian-based Business

Why should one take B2B ecommerce serious? How to grow your B2B e commerce presence in Australia? What’s the best B2B ecommerce platform to use? Read and find out!

What is your B2B ecommerce business estimation value? This question suppliers should be asking themselves considering the competitive industry and retailers who are using ecommerce and online ordering as routes to market. Yet, suppliers underestimate the value of the channel and think that B2C strategy is enough to succeed.

What do you need to tap into B2B ecommerce opportunity? A B2B ecommerce platform maybe?

How to Grow B2B Ecommerce Presence in Australia

In Australia, there are two ways to grow your B2B (business-to-business) ecommerce presence:
While each ecommerce solution found in the UK differ in many ways, there are some essential features only the best B2B ecommerce platforms can offer:
  • Consider Retailer Behavior: With retailers moving from telephone ordering and depot visits to online, suppliers must make sure their investments into the ecommerce or wholesale channel is thoughtful of this modification. Online is more than an ordering platform or shipping cart. Suppliers and wholesalers must recognize this to maximize potential. The 3 most common reasons for visiting a wholesaler website are to browse available products, check promotions, and check prices. Push notifications, banner ads, and sponsored ads are important in satisfying the needs retailers are visiting an online store. Sellers (suppliers) must shape their knowledge of what drives customers to the store. You need to invest based on retailers’ behavior to ensure every dollar invested in the platform is working.
  • Use Ecommerce Advancements: Just as consumer shopping needs and habits have changed, so have retailers. Today, with optimized phone and tablet websites, desktop websites, and apps, retailers have a few different ways to seek the information they need. The suppliers are in an advantage as they can affect retailers with promotions, ads, and more. Information on promotions, greater awareness, and discounted products, in general, will leave shoppers satisfied and assist in driving higher conversion for your store through greater order frequency and impulse purchases. In order to succeed, you need to understand how retailers search, what are they searching for, do promotions help drive awareness, and etc.

3 Reasons Why Shopify B2B Ecommerce Platform is the Answer to Your B2B Problems

Shopify is one of the best and most popular ecommerce solutions in Australia. It is a fully-hosted solution, suitable for both B2C and B2B businesses.
Finding the right B2B ecommerce platform to fit your business model, needs, budget and goals is not easy and you know it. For sizable enterprises, businesses on the growth fast-track who need to migrate to an all-in-one scalable solution, we will show you why Shopify is the best solution for your online brand:

#1. Everything B2B Ecommerce Shoppers Want: Shopify B2B ecommerce platform makes satisfying your B2B customers easy with all the features, options, and functions they have come to expect. With Shopify platform, you can customize navigation, retain customers by integrating your CRM, offer a native multi-channel sales and marketing experience, and more.


#2. Gated Wholesale Solution for Australian Retailers: With Shopify, you can generate a password-protected storefront with time-consuming or expensive development. You can set maximum, minimum, and quantity increments, allow customers to purchase and track, review and edit orders before invoicing, sync orders, and more.

#3. Expand Your Store with Simplicity: You can discuss with a Shopify expert on how to expand your store without worrying about updates or maintenance. You can launch your wholesale store from your existing Shopify store and lower your time to ROI, give customers the experience they deserve with customized products and pricing, sell directly to high-volume clients.

With Shopify, you will sell more, faster, and better!


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